FBC Roofing TAC Waiting to Hear from FRSA Contractors about Fastener Corrosion Issues

FRSA has a great opportunity to drive this issue and we need your help to make it happen.

On May 23, Mark Zehnal, CPRC, testified to the Florida Building Commission Roofing TAC about fastener corrosion issues that he has received from contractors throughout the State over the past year. As a result of the testimony, a motion was approved for further investigation and public comment on the corrosion of roof fasteners at the next Roofing TAC meeting. FRSA has the opportunity to provide facts on the issue at this three-hour meeting scheduled for Thursday morning, August 22 at the Boca Raton Marriott. During the May 23 meeting, Mo Madani emphasized his hope that FRSA would be able to contribute empirical data from its member contractors to the Roofing TAC to help it better understand how to move forward on this issue.

To be effective, we need factual evidence including photographs, documentation from customers, building departments, testing facilities, etc. regarding the performance/non-performance of fasteners’ corrosion resistance. It is critical to have evidence to back up any testimony. By providing this information to the Florida Building Commission, FRSA places itself in the position of being able to recommend possible action in the future.

If you have DOCUMENTATION available that you can forward to Mark, please send the information to mark@floridaroof.com or mail it to Mark at FRSA, PO Box 4850, Winter Park, FL 32793. We would like the information prior to June 30, 2013. It is our hope that we can work with each FRSA Affiliate to address this issue as an industry.

(From the FRSA)

Trenton H. Cotney
Florida Bar Certified Construction Lawyer
Trent Cotney, P.A.
1211 N Franklin St
Tampa, FL 33602


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