Roofer registration legislation could help consumers

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Legislation to register roofers to protect consumers in Missouri is moving forward after discussions over whether to license the contractors or to ask them to register.
After some discussion, the industry decided to push for the less regulatory and burdensome registration process, rather than a strict licensing process.
The goal of the legislation is to protect consumers from bad-actors who come in after a storm and ultimately cause more damage than they were trying to fix, as Jason Shupp, a third-generation roofer, president of Ferguson Roofing and past president of the Roofing and Siding Contractors Alliance, Inc, emphasized.
“The genesis of this whole process was to protect customers. With my business, we have seen this for many generations, but any roofer who’s reputable and has worked in the industry for a period of time is going to have their share of cases that they had to come behind and pick up where a couple of homeowners had been taken advantage of and it’s becoming more of a chronic practice,” he said.
The roofing industry has generated more than 500 attorney general complaints over the last couple of years and Shupp says it’s consistently rated as one of the top 10 disreputable industries by the Better Business Bureau. The goal of the legislation, SB 1022, would be to allow the reputable contractors to operate without being plagued by bad-actor contractors who see a way to make some quick money after a storm.


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