Construction begins on Tippecanoe Co. Courthouse roof

TIPPECANOE COUNTY, Ind. (WLFI) — More changes are coming to the Tippecanoe County Courthouse, but these are happening on the outside of the building.
Some may have noticed scaffolds around the building. That’s so workers can start replacing and repainting the roof.
Due to construction, parking on the Main Street side of the courthouse is blocked off. People are asked to park on the other sides of the building or in the county parking garages.
Commissioner Dave Byers is excited to see progress on the roof. He knows how important the structure is to the community.
“It’s our baby, it’s the queen mum of the community,” Byers said. “All of us look to it as, you know, a lot of bad stuff happens in that courthouse, a lot of good stuff happens in that courthouse. It’s something that we really have to take care of.”
He said he is excited for construction to begin because it’s been a longtime coming.
“Hopefully, this is the last project for the courthouse for a long time cause we have done the point tucking,” Byers said. “We have worked on the windows, we have worked on the other areas throughout the courthouse. So this should be, we hope, the last of anything exterior.”
Byers said some events may change or be canceled due to the construction, such as the annual Christmas lights on the dome.
Construction should be complete by October 2017.
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